Brace for Leaf shaped dining table solely at EARTHCOLORS. We grave unique wood interior furniture , with an inclination towards rare earth vast open area.

If a person is not satisfied with the designs of the farm house table, then he/she can see the designs of the rustic dining table which may be easily done as there are many websites that contain the images of the designs available. For those who are concerned with the material of the table can check all the materials available, so he/she can choose the one which he/she feels comfortable for the home because individuals with small kids cannot place the table of glass. Wood slab dining table is perfect for placing in the home where parents want to place everything safe due to the young ones.

Solid wood tables have the uniqueness that they are made up of real wood. We use Pine wood that is known for its stability and firmness. The overall product is a great representation of teamwork, uniqueness, and innovation. We collect some of the best Pine wood from the forest and store them in safe areas. We have divided the work so the load is evenly divided on all of our teams and their members. For storage, we have a separate team that looks after the stored items. The wood is then processed to the cutting department that handles all the wood and cuts them into different slabs. After this process, each and every farm table gets its own shape due to the difference in the designing and the theme orientation. Our live edge tables are special examples of this cutting phase. The best way to select any kind of rustic dining table is to check the features and ingredients. Mostly, the rustic wood table collection is made of almost all sorts of designs and themes that you can use at any place.

We incorporate the live raw edged wood to work with many kinds of seating and chair options. Consider your farmhouse table a canvas when combining with new or existing chair sets. The sleek finish lends itself to a pairing with French metal beach chairs or a cowhide upholstered Louis XVI. The gentle curve of the live edge is a natural partner to the gentle slope of a fabric covered chair. The combination of leather or metal enhances the texture contrast and opens up options for eclectic place settings and centerpieces. We also are able to create a matching bench or series of benches that will punctuate the drama of raw wood. The organic contrast between the rustic dining table and rectangular benches can bring an authentic sense of the outdoors into your dining area.

Hand carved dining table is for the individuals who love to hunt and they also like to decorate their homes with the hunting equipments, the table is perfect to enhance the decoration as it comes with the image of rhino which looks real. The cracks on the table are not its imperfection, but it is for the rhino to look like it is popping out of the table. For those who like simple tables, but made up of innovative design and unique style can go for rustic dining table because the color goes great with the other furniture items placed in a room. Dining tables are also offered by me, which are made up of premium quality material and therefore are available in various shapes. Rustic dining table also looks good in a dining room, but the selection of the right size and style matters a lot. One unique thing about my tables is that they are made up of premium quality material, but available at reasonable rate that is less than the tables offered by other manufacturers. I don’t work like other tables suppliers and I also don’t charge for the creativity, all the tables with the innovative designs and natural elements are offered at cheap rate, so that a person with low budget can also get them to home.

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