Stressed with tips to furnish your home? Consider rustic wooden table tops at EARTHCOLORS, who sculpture diversified Mother Nature themes in each and every item.

Making unique and hand carved dining tables and dining tables are my passion, and all my furniture is dependant on Nature theme as I am a passionate nature lover. The intricate designs of my rustic dining table and round dining table are designed with all the inspiration of Nature. Using wood and glass I created extraordinary furniture plus they mimic Mother Nature’s creations. Every piece, including round dining table as well as the rustic dining table, is unique in itself. I guarantee you that every piece of furniture is different though the shape looks the same the reason being the grain and color of the wood will never be similar. That is perfect for customers who want to emphasize their taste and style that can match their decor.

Farmhouse table is ideal for enjoying the mealtime with all the pals as well as the loved ones because it is not necessary to place it in just a farmhouse, it can be placed anywhere and looks outstanding when put in the lawn.

Leaf dining table can be a fantastic choice of yours; it is flat surface table that is comprised of 33 small pieces that are joined together for an excellent look. It has the shape of a leaf, being a nature lover I have designed it with natural wood giving it a unique shape. Glass river dining table is a rectangle table that I have created using a lot of effort, it’s a unique table that can be best for placing in drawing rooms and it can be utilized for different purpose like dining, serving the guests and study as well. Hand carved dining table is my love of all times which I have manufactured for the animals lovers as well as the best thing about it is that when you look with attention it seems like that the rhino is popping out, more than a table it seems like a rhino is standing in front of you.

If you think that having meal inside the dining room daily is boring, you are able to change the place and drag the table out of the dining room. Put it inside or away from kitchen to create your meal a worthy one. Once the great farmhouse table is here now, you could enjoy your meals outside within the lawn for enjoying different weathers. There are not the normal old tables only; all you have to do is a little browsing as there is certainly a wide range of tables available from casual to formal. We have separate legs for the table available for our customers; individuals can check out from the catalog. For our beloved customers, we are giving away a rustic lighting for free with any table purchased.

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