Embrace the spiritualty of Mayan craft etched onto Wood desk top. Enjoy yours tailor-made with EARTHCOLORS’ Mayan culture story now!

Whether it is used to keep a lot of paperwork, behave as a laptop stand, be a sturdy farmhouse dining table, or just a report table, rustic desk can double up to serve just about any function. A live edge desk, or understandably any kind of rustic tables is the epitome of style, class and good taste, and quite rightly so, because nothing speaks of power like a big, intimidating, dark colored furniture piece. Gone may be the era where minimalistic and monochromatic iron furniture was all of the craze. This year, the sturdy and stylish vintage furniture trend is originating back.

These solid wood table tops will not only show up in your family room, underneath the form of cool dining tables, or perhaps in your dining area as tailor made dining tables, but additionally in kitchen area: The live edge slab is resistant adequate to be properly used as, as an example, a rustic kitchen table, providing you with a broad and strong area to get results on; At your study room: maybe focusing on such a rustic desk even would inspire or relax you throughout your busy hours; Or why don’t you bringing these embellishing pieces outside, showing them towards the world and having the eye from your neighbours, as live edge benches exist too! It might be an ideal detail for just about any garden, don’t you think?

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