EARTHCOLORS’ dining table with live edge was built to amaze. Obtain yours produced with custom-made colors, textures, designs, and edges solely at EARTHCOLORS.

You need custom made tables when you want to add that special touch to your natural wood dining table. Tables can be found in all designs and they may represent the inspiration of the craftsman who produced them. However, you are also inspired and your inspiration is very useful when you are buying a large rustic dining table. With your inspiration, you can tell us exactly what you need and we will work on achieving the design that you have in your head. You can count on our expert and skilled craftsmen to produce your natural wood dining table exactly the way you want it. This is the only way you can be sure to get unique dining tables.

If you want to put some solid wood dining tables in your home then you create an amazing character in your dwelling place. We also have completely man-made fixture with polished rustic color to complement your rustic home design. The smooth and clean finishing can give out entirely new look. These tables can be adjusted with no trouble. These tables can also be customized for your fully complete satisfaction. You can choose your own color, design, and finishes you want. When it comes to your dining table, nothing makes more beautiful than choosing only those wooden ones.

Dining room is a place where everyone gathers from a family to enjoy dinner. However, how would you feel when the same experience is doubled? It would sure be a great feeling. This could be done if you go for one of our creative and innovative farm table collection. Our round farmhouse table provides you with the facility to enjoy your meal easily. You need not to manage a lot while serving food on one of them. Be calm, when it comes to select the best and the most appropriate model for your family. We not only have a good collection of round tables, but also do have creative long rustic dining table collection for your family.

We also have rustic round dining table perfect for your everyday dining settlement. Your rustic dining table is a little bit bigger than your kitchen table and this farmhouse dining table is truly good for your rustic dining area. You can opt for a small or large round table depends on the size of your dining space. The table is best with matching rustic chairs in natural wood color to enhance the rustic style in your dining room because a rustic wood trend is gaining popularity all over the world.