EARTHCOLORS is a professional in developing Leaf shaped dining table. We groove home furniture according to worldwide experiences going to rugged earth areas.

We make the decoration easier for individuals who buy a wooden dining table or any other table from our company as we provide a rustic lighting free. Not only this, we also offer the choice of the table legs from the vast collection displayed in our catalogue which gives an alternative turn to the table.

A dining table or a dining room should maintain a fresh look and environment to ensure that when you come right into the room, it boosts up the mood. Therefore, it is crucial to check out the designs first and then decide what form of furniture you would like in your dining room.

When it comes to learn about the designs that we focus on, then we always suggest designs that are newly released and contain our best designer’s juice inside it. When it comes to the collection of the very best furniture, we always prefer Pine wood. Our Pine wood dining table collection is purely manufactured with natural Pine wood without mixing some other material like the one many other furniture manufacturers do. The process for manufacturing our great table collections start from cutting the wood into different sizes of slabs. For this reason, we something call our great dining table collections as slab dining table collection.

It is a custom all over the world that people serve hot meals, as they are ready to be served. For this, everyone needs a little food table within the kitchen for the loved ones. Keeping this in our mind, we have manufactured huge rustic kitchen table collection to give you extra room for serving the meal in an easy and more appropriate way. You could have a look into our wide range of dining, kitchen, and dining table collection.

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