Get bespoke wooden table toppers with your choice of natural colors, textures, etchings, and edges, only at EARTHCOLORS.

We already carry a lot of designs in our shop buy we are very flexible to accommodate any personal touch that you will like added to your rustic wood dining table or rustic dining table. If you go through our designs and you can’t find something that you like, don’t move away without first talking to us. We are sure we can work together to create the perfect design for you.

To ensure the quality of the product a competent team is hired to ensure the material at every stage, from the removal of the tree to carving the wood into the farmhouse table, wooden dining tables, farmhouse dining table, etc.

Our farm table is made with a very special care and our craftsmen have a keen eye for every single detail to create the most astonishing fittings out of things found in the natural world. We want you to experience the good looks of having nature-made furnishings around the home, its soothing effect and unique ambiance. This is the reason why we have implemented rustic dining table for your wide variety of choices. Choose your own table, design your own piece, select your desired style, shape, color, as well as materials to use and let us turn your much-loved piece to life. Our goal is to make excellent craftsmanship while balancing the needs of producing high standard furnishings with the needs of the environment.

A rustic dining table is also known as a cocktail table, a dining table is a long table that is specially designed with a purpose to serve the guests. Its best placement is between the sofas or at the center of the room, apart from serving one can also place books, magazines and vases on it to give your room a classy look. A rustic dining table has all the sizes, different designs and amazing looks, choosing one for your home is such a fun task when you have a variety to choose from.