Get the best Round dining table for 6 at EARTHCOLORS. We craft each masterpiece with the art driven by the love of layers and colors formed by nature.

The basic formula that we use to manufacture wooden farmhouse table is to gather quality Pine wood from renowned forests and cut the wood into slabs. We garnish the artistic flavor when we keep the natural impact for the wood as it is. This shows that if a slab is cut in a random form, we try to bring that form in to a polished version without filling up the gaps, imperfections, and grains. We use this idea to ensure in all ways that the natural wooden touch of Pine wood should remain intact. After we complete the polishing phase, we look around to fill in any minor areas that need improvement. Obviously, these minor improvements would never ever affect the natural beauty for the wood.

The natural wood dining table has a real durability that lasts and is extremely resilient that requires just very little time and effort for maintenance. Its timeless design focuses on practicality which has truly wide open arms to welcome the brand new generations to come. The value for the wood particularly its natural grain pattern guarantees that this craftsmanship is no doubt a one of a kind. The most skilled artisans are laboriously constructing this unique wooden dining table to be greatly sturdy with elegance that sets apart from some other tables spreading around the market. Our extremely great craftsmen build, finish and deliver the best natural wood furniture with a keen attention for each detail.