Every single one of EARTHCOLORS’ Wood leg for table was selected, trimmed, and handled by an experienced artisan. Get your customized table today!

Pine wood is especially treasured for farmhouse table design because of its durability. We pride ourselves for offering you a product that will surely last. This might be a great design with excellent and high quality farm table. Pine dining table has lustrous finish, sturdy table with varied shades making the scenery become wonderfully exotic one.<p\> </p\>

Our skilled craftsmen and efficient system allows us to create any detail or signature to your personally designed piece. We can finish your rustic dining table with expertly turned, heavy or delicate turned legs. A sawbuck base can create an Amish style and create visual interest by combining wood colors. A breadboard end coupled with a metal base elevates a simple design to contemporary individualism.<p\> </p\>

We incorporate the live raw edged wood to work with many kinds of seating and chair options. Consider your farmhouse table a canvas when combining with new or existing chair sets. The sleek finish lends itself to a pairing with French metal beach chairs or a cowhide upholstered Louis XVI. The gentle curve for the live edge is a natural partner to the gentle slope of a fabric covered chair. The combination of leather or metal enhances the texture contrast and opens up options for eclectic place settings and centerpieces. We also are able to create a matching bench or number of benches that will punctuate the drama of raw wood. The organic contrast between the rustic dining table and rectangular benches can bring an authentic sense of the outdoors into your dining area.<p\> </p\>

We value our customers and those who choose our company to buy a wooden dining table or any other kind of table; we offer them a great service that they can select the table legs of their choice from our catalogue. We also give our customers free rustic lighting with which they can decorate their dining room by hanging it above the live edge dining table. <p\> </p\>

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