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EARTHCOLORS gives you everything you need to corner the market, so why not do it?

You can sign up to be one of our Exclusive Partners for a specific region, making your brand the only EARTHCOLORS-supported distributor in your target market.

This saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars in overhead costs, developmental costs, maintenance costs, and software costs. EARTHCOLORS’s services cover more than half of the business processes necessary for your e-commerce operations—and we provide the well-trained staff, too!

Enter an exclusive partnership with EARTHCOLORS, chop off 95% of the costs involved, and start getting control of the local market for your product in a matter of weeks!

How will EARTHCOLORS help you market products?
Sophisticated e-commerce furniture website of your own
Starting a furniture business from scratch is a costly endeavor, especially when sales are rapidly shifting online. Not only will you have to invest in the design and manufacture of your products, you’ll also need to create a robust e-commerce store, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop. But everything seems to be easy with EARTHCOLORS. You will have you own web with your own information as owner in contact bar. All new products will be updated by our staff silently without cost.
Localized appearances

We take website localization seriously and make sure all our exclusive distributors’ web pages are adapted accordingly. This includes translating all text content into the target country’s language, as well as adapting images, videos, and other visual elements such as local living space in every marketing asset.

Attracting local customers to your shop

We have created and continuously updated these unique FREE tools that serve only one unique purpose: attracting all targeted customers to your store: homedecor lovers, interior architects, interior designers… All these tools will come along with your website so that you could enjoy huge organic visits daily from the laser-targeted customers.

1. Realistic wallpaper visualization
This helps your targets spend less time and money when picking the perfect wallpaper by allowing them to visualize any wallpaper in different roomscenes with one mouse click.

You can see  here

2. Wall colors combination
When doing house refurbishment and standing in front of those rows and rows of swatches can be enough to raise anyone stress level. As a homeowner, your targets faced with an endless array of colors, shades, and sheens. To complicate things further, they will need to coordinate paint colors between rooms and surfaces, which could be a result of millions of posibilities. That’s why our color experts created this top 3000+ favorite interior paint colors to make it easy for them. Our tool will automatically and instantly change the wall colors based on the mood of their color choices.

You can see  here

3. Place their artworks in over 3000+ and counting photorealistic scenes
Allow your customers to view wall art inside thousands of photorealistic room scenes carefully crafted by our team of designers. Whether their art belongs in a living room, dining room, or even the gym, we’ve got them covered, with over 15 different room categories to meet all their needs.
They could upload artworks, resize, drag them around, freely customize the room to their liking. Our intuitive app makes it easy for everyone to create stunning renders of their artwork in photorealistic settings. They can also customize the wall color, or pick from our curated gallery of 3000 most loved wall collors! Utilize the eyedrop tool to pinpoint the perfect wall color for their artwork then export wall art room design in all social media platforms’ sizes, on a click of a button.

You can see  here

4. Paint the colors of nature on their own wall
Your customers could upload artwork or photos from their trips to the roomscene and watch the magic happen! Our tool will automatically extract the artwork’s most dominant color and set it as the wall color!

You can see  here

Advanced product visualization

Each of these services would easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and take you thousands of man-hours to complete. But thanks to our sophisticated tech and highly efficient process flow, you can have all these services for free AND at a fraction of the average delivery time!

Giants like Amazon’s and IKEA are conquering the online furniture market with the use of these techniques, and Michio will help you have them all for FREE:

1. 3D product configurator

Let customers instantly change the color and material of our products online, so they can view their options immediately.

You can see  here

2. 360-degree visualizations

Products can be rotated, panned, and zoomed in and out of so that your customers can view every single detail of our products. This highly advanced visualization technique lets customers see your furniture not just from a fixed number of rotating photos, but from infinite angles on a single 3D object.

You can see  here

3. Augmented Reality (AR) technology

Let furniture shoppers place any product into any space in their homes, like a virtual “try before you buy it” feature. Even better, you can access this feature right on your web browser, instead of using a different app like other brands need you to do.

You can see  here

Image creation for content marketing

It’s a proven psychological concept: the more often people see something, the more likely they’ll end up liking it. That’s why regularity needs to go hand-in-hand with reach in your marketing campaigns. But to keep things fresh, you also need variety in your visuals—and that’s where 1,000s of FREE ready-made marketing materials for ALL major social media platforms (normally worth $18,000!) courtesy of EARTHCOLORS becomes exceptionally useful.

Any effective content marketer knows that you can’t always use the exact same product photos are across social media posts, blog posts, ad banners, and more. The repetitiveness of the visuals often has the same effect as spam: users will see the image, think “This thing again?” and then happily ignore it for something that interests them.

That’s why industry giants spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create thousands of different visuals for their products. The variety keeps things interesting—which means potential customers stay interested.

What’s more, you can have your graphics customized with any text you want! Instead of soulless social media posts that share boring, textless images, you can have us create graphics with words that instantly interest your audience and keep them engaged. Want to inform them about an upcoming deal? Would you like to add a persuasive CTA that dramatically improves your conversation rates? Or do you just want to make your audience laugh with a light-hearted joke in your images? You can do it all with custom text on your graphics!

Because our process flow is so effectively streamlined, EARTHCOLORS offers dealers up to 1,000s of unique marketing materials for FREE. This is a game-changing service that allows even start-ups to develop engaging marketing campaigns that rival even the biggest companies.

If you need your marketing efforts to increase site traffic, improve social engagement, and raise your store’s conversion rate, we can provide the visual assets that help make it happen.

We’ll also go the extra mile and provide your images in 3 sizes, so that they’re optimized for each social media platform. This helps reduce any pixilation or distortion in your images, and ensures that photos are displayed in full, rather than being cropped by these websites. And because 76% of all social users access these apps on their mobile devices, we deliver images that are not only optimized for phones, but also for cross-platform display.

We’ll send you images in the following dimensions: 1080×1080, 1080×1620, 1080×1920. These will allow you to post them without the need to crop or resize them for all the major platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. You can also request custom sizes.

Our automated delivery pipeline ensures that your requests are received by our team of award-winning 3D, gaming design, and visual effects experts as efficiently as possible, which helps get your images prepared in little time.

You can see  here

Interactive product configurator for trade shows and showrooms

Brick-and-mortar sales venues often present a challenge most business simply have to live with: it’s impossible to showcase every single item you have available due to limited physical space. EARTHCOLORS’s interactive product configurator solves that problem by letting you stretch your lineup into the virtual space, and we give this hundred thousand-dollar service to you for FREE!

Our 3D product configurator provides an easy-to-use, interactive way to instantly showcase customizations to our products. It allows you to change the colors, materials, and finishes on 3D models of your items, which in turn helps customers see how your furniture looks when personalized to their preferences.

In the showroom, this allows you to essentially display every single variant available for each item on your catalog. It’s as simple as setting a tablet next to your demo unit. If a customer needs to see what your black oak chair might look like in varnished ash instead, they or a sales representative can simply apply the desired color and material onto a 3D model of the chair via the product configurator.

This “endless aisle” solution effectively empowers both buyers and your staff by presenting every available option in the most convenient manner possible.

With EARTHCOLORS’s sophisticated system, you can implement this solution at your showroom—or any other physical space—for FREE.

Furniture dropshipping

With EARTHCOLORS’s dropshipping program, you sell the product, you collect the money, but you don’t have to handle any of the other aspects. As inventory moves, you simply purchase it from EARTHCOLORS who then ships it directly to your customer. You eliminate the time, money and effort that goes into ordering, managing, storing and shipping inventory on your own. This is a brilliant way to do furniture business, particularly when first starting out.

With EARTHCOLORS’s dropshipping program, start-up costs and time-to-launch tend to be significantly less, and you don’t need a physical location or anywhere to store inventory. The ease-factor this way of doing business allows for is immeasurable. The model is scalable, too. Sell one product or one hundred different products… you earn money on the actual sales you make, making risk largely a non-issue.

Keep your orders in check
Our bespoke Order Management Software (OMS) connects your orders with us, ensuring all your operations are streamlined. Our OMS helps you keep track of all operations of related departments. So you can sit back and relax watching your customers are taken care by us.
Full-Service Staff
Save thousands of dollars monthly on salaries, because EARTHCOLORS will provide most of the manpower you need to both build and maintain your e-commerce empire for FREE! Our team of developers, designers, 3D artists, marketers, and more will be on-hand to assist you every step of the way. All you need to do is sit back, check the reports we send you, and keep on earning big bucks.
Large number of SKUs

Besides the fact that any product could be customizable, currently we have developed over 10,000 models and in the process of developing dozens of thousands of new models in a short span of time with available foundations.

Managing and organizing large numbers of SKUs is complicated and significant. All this without compromising on a compelling user experience, gets trickier. But with EARTHCOLORS, you could be able to search through that pile of SKUs quite efficiently and fast, in the most visualization.

Market testing
We also help our future partners by providing any online marketing assets listed above to evaluate the viability of our products, services, and marketing campaigns before spending any penny with us. Use any of marketing assets presented at our websites to test the water, if you need something more special to carry out in large scale, such as in brick and mortar stores, online stores, or social media platforms, don’t hesitate to ask, we also love data.



You could be a large-scale company looking to step into the future, or a start-up that wants to get a kick-start on furniture online sales, or any scale of business in between. EARTHCOLORS provides solutions that fit every need and budget.

So you don’t need to learn coding, 3D designing, web designing, hosting, video marketing, or photography. You don’t need to add any manpower to your workforce. You don’t even need a physical product to get started, because we also offer 3D prototyping services!

The features we offer normally aren’t accessible for all businesses. We don’t see them as often as we expect because creating visualizations for your entire product catalog is extremely expensive. A single 3D item alone could cost you as much as $300 – $500 per item, or hundreds of thousands of dollars total for all your products. Combined with other applications, such as video, product configuration, 360-degree product view, and Augmented Reality (AR) technology, product visualization could cost you millions.

That’s why you see it mostly done by massive corporate entities—they’re the only ones with enough capital to invest in the future of the furniture industry.

And because we are actively looking for long-term exclusive partners at the biggest cities in the world, we’re offering these partnerships at a very accessible number. Depending on product type and region, you can be our exclusive partner with sales from only $5,000/month!

To start, please send us all details and images of your current brick-and-mortar shop both inside and outside (if any).



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