EARTHCOLORS is the master carver of refined wooden table covers. Our unique designs orientate the traits of forests, coral reef, or snow-capped mountains.

We believe that uniqueness and art is our key strength. You are able to look into our rustic dining table and rustic dining table that have been manufactured on different ideas and themes. It isn’t always important to stick to a single theme as this will not only lead to manufacturing of same pieces, but would also disappoint you. Therefore, we try our level best to introduce various kinds of solid wood tabletop, slab dining table, live edge lumber, live edge desk and some customized tables like custom dining tables.

We offer an excellent service that is liked by many who purchased large dining tables from us that they can choose the legs for the table. The individuals love to change the design for the wood slab tables by choosing the legs of unique design from our catalogue, which changes the overall look of the table.

For the nature lovers, we are here to help them bring nature in their homes as I work with the innovative idea of adjusting the natural elements within the tables that are used in homes for different purposes. Glass fall dining table is the most praised and outstanding creation by us as it contains forest, tree and river all in a single. It is prepared with special attention and keeping in mind the requirement for the individuals who prefer getting environment-friendly products like rustic dining table in their home. It took almost 2 weeks for creating a piece that not only looks great when put in the dining room, but also in office as it comes with the quality of refreshing an individual through the colors inside it and an excellent thing about it’s the price that is unbelievable since it is not high like its quality.

Tables are mandatory for the proper setting of a home as they provide a place to function on a laptop, to review or reading novels and for serving the meals within the parties. Without a dining table, no-one can enjoy a conversation with buddies as it provides a place to sit in a circle and having a face to face communication. In simple words, a person cannot ignore the value of farmhouse tables and everyone has a wide variety of tables to choose from.

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