If you discover round wooden table and chairs tricky to find, contact EARTHCOLORS. We craft wooden furniture out of pure wood from primeval forest and back country.

To finish the appearance of this unique, rustic dining table, we incorporate different textures and materials into the table base or legs. We use a variety of woods and metals to complete your one-of-a-kind table. Giving you a personal statement piece that bridges form and functionality.

Another cool rustic dining table we pride the most is the live edge dining table. That is a one of a kind functional and decorative farmhouse table furniture design that is truly eye-catching. Live edge dining tables can really attract attention and add comfort anywhere in space, which brings distinctive textures and fascinating design ideas to home interiors. The unique grain pattern for the live edge slab emphasizes other home furniture; create an artistic look that bright up the living room.

You’d be wondering how our farmhouse dining table collections are much better as compared to other interior designing companies. Well, that is an essential question and now we often answer this question with our products. We focus an excessive amount of on the natural effect that comes with the wood. We often leave any imperfection or cuts since it is that come with the wood. What is the reason for doing this? Well, in our view, manufacturing of furniture goods is too modern and many for the designers are not focusing on the natural look that comes with the wood itself. For this reason, when it comes to manufacture an overall rustic dining table collection, we focus on the natural effect too much. We also design rustic dining table collections and keep consitently the same thing in our mind.

People always put flowers in the farmhouse table, but have you ever tried putting plants in it. Putting plants in the table look more amazing because the greenish color of the plants offers the mind with freshness. When it comes to the decoration the main house, people often do what they have seen others doing and then they complain that they have got bored with the usual setting of their house. Have you ever tried putting mirrors above the farm table and sceneries? Why put the tables empty when you can decorate them so elegantly. When it comes to the bedroom of the house, it’s the place where people stay for most of times, so it should be the one that may be worth spending time on it. The side tables for the bed must have novels, some snacks and small decoration pieces, this look beautiful and also the things can be kept safe while watching eyes. Wooden dining table can be positioned on the side for the bed and will be utilized as a side table.

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