EARTHCOLORS has a group of professional artisans to carve Vintage desk for your house. each and every piece is coloured with pure earth tones and patterns.

Whether it’s used to keep a great deal of paperwork, work as a laptop stand, be a sturdy farmhouse dining table, or simply just a research table, rustic desk can double up to serve virtually any function. A live edge desk, or understandably any type of rustic tables is definitely the epitome of style, class and good taste, and quite rightly so, because nothing speaks of power like a big, intimidating, dark colored furniture piece. Gone could be the era where minimalistic and monochromatic iron furniture was most of the craze. In 2010, the sturdy and stylish vintage furniture trend is originating back.

You can find wide variety and selection of our customized farmhouse table and wooden desks and slabs, which you yourself can get at very attractive rates and within a rather short length of time. Our office solutions involve plenty of fabulous looking hand made little bit of nature which when placed at your projects place would improve the beauty and worth of both you and your company exponentially. We offer plenty of wooden pieces, rustic dining table that are exceptionally hand made and splendidly prepared for the dining halls at your offices or work places. We call it live edge dining table.

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