If you’re looking for Writing desks antique crafted by skilled artisans, you can have yours custom-made at EARTHCOLORS!

When it comes to use an excellent assortment of wooden furniture, a live edge desk can never be skipped. Our live edge assortment of desks range from the same variation but with different finished look. In our polishing phase, we try out to help make the the majority of our products differentiate from others. This is the reason; we attempt to maintain an original turn to all our solid wood dining table collection.

We use wood along with metals like cast iron to structure our farm table. In fact, a few of our rustic table has been a product with this experimentation with both wood along with metal. On the other hand, we have used leather for the construction of some areas of other vintage desks, while on some, we have simply chosen to put paint, making them elegantly beautiful. In other words, each and every piece of furniture that people produce, is unique.

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