EARTHCOLORS create aesthetic wooden dining table designs kerala for your house. We include every masterpiece with shape centered on plants and creatures.

We would like you to definitely admire the handmade furniture by our people wherever you are going. No matters if it’s a breakfast, lunch or dinner, wooden dining tables are perfect for each time. They are going to really impose you to definitely acclaim them.

We behave as a bridge in the middle of your choice and natural gifts. Nature has something unique as well as gives the same to us in various forms. Now it depends on us that exactly how we take these gifts into our account. The very best product that we have been focusing on to manufacture each day is our Pine dining table collection. Pine refers to one of the more strongest wood on the planet that is used to manufacture hard and solid farmhouse table. This is why; the majority of our solid wood tables get a tough and solid look when their finishing has ended.

You are wondering how anyone can claim production of items which are unique inside their individuality yet manufactured in bulk. Who are able to be better artisan compared to Mother Nature? Yeah that is right; our products are derived directly from Mother Nature in such a way that the essence is preserved. For instance our Pine wood dining table are manufactured from the stem of top quality timber from Pine tree which can be a well-known hardwood tree utilized in furniture making for the reason that of this strength, resistance to insects along with harsh climate and amazingly beautiful finish.

Your rustic dining table is considered the most significant piece of furniture after your bed the key reason why it will not be rejected. This is why it is best to select tables which are comprised of solid wood. The solid wood table is among the best choices an intelligent person can make. Whenever your table is solid wood, you are be assured enough that it’s truly sturdy that may last even longer.

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