EARTHCOLORS’ concepts of Dining table round wooden with custom-made designs. every edge option is inspired by the elegance of the natural world.

Whatever you opt for, just keep yourself comfortable with the services that we provide combined with the purchase. Yes, it is true. We provide two free of cost services when you purchase a table of your choice. One is that offer modification of legs for your selected table. If you are not happy with your selected solid wood dining table or dining table, we can provide a catalogue and you can select the legs of your choice. Secondly, we also offer 1 free rustic lighting of any kind and you can choose that too from a separate catalogue, as well.

When it comes to inviting the guests, a small touch of pattern in the windows can brighten up a space. Printed cloths for the dining tables are also never outdated, oversized candelabras and sculptural centerpiece can also give your rustic dining room tables a marvelous look and an eye catching attraction.

Not only the proper adjustment for the farm table is required for making a room look impressive, there is certainly a need for the proper setting by placing the decorative items on the table. If a person has placed the farmhouse table within the lawn, then placing a table mat of light blue color is perfect for a cool look. A person can also place vases of light green color onto it; the flowers of any light color can be adjusted inside it. It gives a choice of placing different flowers each day and when the person has dragged the wooden dining table away from home for a party, then there is a choice of placing flowers of different kinds and color by making a bunch. It looks great for a party and helps for making impressive arrangement for the party for enjoying with all the old pals.

All my furniture is specially designed and handcrafted using old techniques, and I crafted wood slab tables precisely and built skillfully. The materials that I used to create these dining tables and dining tables are thoroughly inspected and so are eco-friendly. If you wish to learn more about my unique creations, then log on to and find more about my exclusive collection.

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