EARTHCOLORS produces personalized Round wood table. Our receptive wood carvers can make designs based on our signature wilderness theme.

The selection for the chairs should not be ignored since the chairs need to be fitted with all the live edge dining table on the space available for it otherwise it will irritate the individuals walking near it as it leaves less space to walk around it.

Handmade Products’Our Strong Feature: From raw wood material to the finished product, we ensure that each step includes handmade completion for the item. This ensures quality, uniqueness; natural process of the item until it gains its final shape. In many cases, a lot of the interior designers go for cheap products that not only ruin the beauty of the theme you are on, but also ruin the overall interior designing concept that you have in your mind. Going artistic or natural is much more preferable to you and your customers. Moreover, a blend of natural and handmade products would definitely cost you a little more, but that will surely be worth it, when those products will add natural beauty to your interior designing concept. If you are searching for superior farm table, rustic dining tables, solid wood dining table, or rustic dining tables, you’re going to get what you need. Our natural designs will not inspire you but will also give you an idea on how to modify your interior designing theme to the next level of superiority.

Another aspect other than to have the dining tables is to get together at the dining hours with your family, acquaintances, relatives. When it comes to dining, we offer special rustic dining room tables and farmhouse dining table for you and your family. Whether it is about to dine in with your friends or to have casual dinner with your family, we will give you the liberty to enjoy the best you can with these naturally designed handmade dining tables. In case, if you are planning to have a get together or a party for more than 10 people, we have our large dining tables collection for you. This might be just in case, if you do not wish to face any bad situation while arranging dinner for a large number of individuals.

Another important that we offer is to make use of the custom dining room tables. You can select any kind of our tables’ designs and will ask for a modification. The custom service that we provide also covers a free service to select your preferred legs for your selected tabletop. This kind of service is very rare and not any interior handmade table-designing firm can provide. Once you have decided the kind of table you are going to choose, you can set it anywhere. We focus too much on farmhouse table collections.

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