EARTHCOLORS creates much better L shape wooden desk than the others. We build wood furniture with lines, contour, and colours coordinating natural earth surroundings.

Have you thought about a rustic and refined, hand-crafted bit of art for the new desk? Have you thought about the message you send out to your colleagues and business associates with a bit of furniture this is certainly both functional and creates a statement of individuality? We have been a group of craftsmen who produce one-of-a kind pieces that mimic the power and synergy of nature. Why don’t we become your personal design = team to generate the next desk or office meeting table. Partner with us once we select wood through the forest, and guide the wood through the creative process.

Wooden furniture is intended not just for decorating our houses but additionally decorating our image in the front of others. Because of the perfect texture and flavor of furniture, we find our office or home time a great and incredibly satisfying bit of time. Because of the term furniture we mean whatever you can think of at this time, for instance tables, chandeliers and a whole lot more. Your wishes could be fulfilled quite easily by an easy step. E mail us. We offer the very best customized, retro and vintage furniture, which people drool over.

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