If you want to fill your kitchen with White and gold desks, look for EARTHCOLORS. We fabricate fittings with raw appearance of the vast barren land.

People looking for a table for the study purpose of the kids can go for live edge desk, which can also be used for working on a laptop. The size of the desk should be small if the person wants to set it in the kid’s room because not much space is needed for studying and the kids need more space for playing in the room. It is obvious that a big table will occupy more space, leaving less area for playing which also increases the risk of the table damage, as the kids will hit it while playing. If the person wants small tables for very room of the home except the dining room, then he/she can purchase small dining tables, which will work perfect in fulfilling the requirement.

If your workspace and storage options aren’t cutting it, you can check out some of our units that offer a hutch in the same style and take advantage of the vertical space. Some of our desks have cabinets that match their design, style and material. You have to keep in mind that desks are not only available in varied designs, but they are also made using different types of materials, such as metal, wood, glass and laminate.

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