If you want to fill your kitchen with long wooden dining tables, look for EARTHCOLORS. We fabricate fittings with raw appearance of the vast barren land.

The farmhouse tables are all well-built and are being carefully made by the skilled artisans with the use of the finest materials to provide you the best out of nature’s great beauty. These tables are enormous if you want to add some extra relaxing feel while having a farm-like fresh environment. There is no doubt that a wood dining table produces natural prettiness. This prettiness is absolutely harmless to you as well as to the environment. It will truly give you a nice feeling that is guilt-free because it doesn’t destroy the eco system’s health but rather it helps save it.

Picking up the best rustic dining table or rustic dining table for any part of the home must be given careful considerations. Everyone knows the importance of a wood dining table, but there are many things you need to consider while selecting the perfect one. You may have favorite wooden dining tables or those tables that have been commonly seen everywhere, yet your taste must be accurate when it comes to other home fixtures. It must also be the different furnishings with probably different shapes, designs, sizes and material, so the totally rustic tables can be revealed.

Hand carved dining table is one unique table in the collection of mine, I have made it with a lot of hard work. I have made a rhino on it. The rhino is made with lines that give it a 3-D look; all the dining tables are innovatively designed, but it is a piece that is distinctive. If you love seas and rivers, then Glass river dining table is great for you as I have manufactured it keeping the most beautiful components of nature in view and that’s water. It looks like only a little river is flowing which looks really charming, this is the fake illusion of water. Among most of the tables, it is different things plus one that will carry a heavy appearance of river this kind of a tiny thing like a table. Glass fall dining table can be a distinctive piece this is certainly made of wood collected specially through the forest.

The high quality is something that I am able to guarantee you during my products. I used environmental-friendly materials to build all those unique round dining table and round dining table. I design furniture by illuminating the miracle of nature and its own charming beauty. This furniture differs from the others from regular furniture as it could become a focal point of your property or place of work.

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