Dreaming for a white round dining table for 6 in your living room? EARTHCOLORS presents interior art designs, influenced by rough formation of natural wasteland

A live edge dining table is usually in a rectangular shape, it has different shades as well and its sizes are also different. Live edge dining table has square and circle both shapes; you can choose whatever you like or suits the other furniture in your house. It can be used for a lot of purpose, so enjoy decorating your house. We have legs of different shapes and sizes available, you can choose the one you like to buy from our catalog and for our beloved customers who shop from us we also have a rustic lamp as a gift.

When it comes to purchasing useful table furniture, nothing comes first than custom made dining tables. A farmhouse table is very much useful at home, thus you need to make it perfect, and custom-made tables can help you a lot with this matter.

This large wood slab table made from Pine wood was created with this understanding and with its bold lines and attentive craftsmanship, it will make an unforgettable addition to the family. This custom made farm table comfortably seats six, but there is still room for that unexpected dinner guest. In fact, its size makes this unique rustic dining table stand out as an island among a sea of friends at a dinner party. The space continues beneath the table, ensuring the comfort of the tall and short alike, with no feet unexpectedly meeting.

When it comes to design or decorate your farmhouses, it is better to have a sneak peek into our latest farmhouse tables. We have used some of the best techniques to manufacture handmade tables that will suit your farmhouse in a very positive way. Our farm table comprises of a unique design. Moreover, the way we manufacture our tables for farmhouses is something very unique and also very innovative. We have the Pine wood slabs and we try to make different experiments in order to get the best slab design that we could. In actuality, a farmhouse table is all about its designing. The theme is another important factor but is a second part when it comes to start decorating your house and placing the rustic dining table during the right spot. This is very important to understand the specific position for placing your rustic dining table. If the design of one’s custom dining table is good which may be good once we will be assisting you out,’the theme must be good. Nevertheless, if you would not be likely to check out the three then there would be not a way that this design would meet up with the needs for which it had been manufactured.

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