Would you opt for wooden street dining table for your home? If yes, Arrive at EARTHCOLORS who offers numerous garden theme furnishing for indoor space.

This salvaged live edge dining table is perfect for a lounge that has the idea of rustic chic at the forefront of its decor. Although rough in appearance, it has a smooth finish and also the tonal greys and browns will blend comfortably into any lounge of various thematic choices. A comfortable height ensures that whatever you may need is never far from your reach and the broadening on the side of the split makes for both an extended surface and unique aesthetic appeal. Coupled with the straight slab legs, the simplicity of this particular rustic wood dining table will lend itself to any decorating requirements with ease while still maintaining its rustic nature.

Pine wood dining table is perfect to purchase if the homeowner is conscious about everything placed in the home, some people want the best when it comes to the decoration of the home and they have many options. It depends on the choice of the homeowner which table he/she purchases for the home; there are a large number of types that are available in table including the live edge wood table. The number of individuals who have to sit around the table for having meal 3 times a day should also be kept in mind while purchasing a table. The table should be purchased by keeping in mind the space available after measuring the area, which is required for placing the chairs around it. If the table occupies full area, then the sitting is difficult which annoys the family members every time they go for having a meal on the table. The risk of chairs being damaged is also high if the area is small, in which the table is placed.

Hand carved dining table is one unique table in the collection of mine, I have made it with a lot of hard work. I have made a rhino on it. The rhino is made with lines that give it a 3-D look; all the dining tables are innovatively designed, but it is a piece that is distinctive. If you love seas and rivers, then Glass river dining table is great for you as I have manufactured it keeping the most beautiful aspects of nature in view and that is water. It seems like a little river is flowing which looks really charming, it is the fake illusion of water. Among all the tables, it’s something different and something that can carry a heavy look of river in such a small thing like a table. Glass fall dining table is also a unique piece that is made from wood collected specially from the forest.

There are many varieties and sizes of large dining tables available in the market and a person can buy a table of different size and design for every room of the house. It is up to the homeowner that which design he or she chooses for the decoration and setting of the home. We offer a great service to the ones who contact us for buying a table. They get the option of choosing the legs from our catalogue and we help them in changing the design of the table by manufacturing it with the legs chosen by them.

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