EARTHCOLORS masters the application of round side table with drawer. We create interior art home furniture with inspiration through the outdoor and natural environments.

Are you thinking about to renovate or redesign your house? If you are an office owner, do you want something unique and new for your office? Are you just sick and tired of the old furniture and especially rustic dining table? You need not to worry at all, as we are a professional interior designing firm and we are ready to assist you in selecting your furniture for future use. We offer a wide range of varieties when it comes to select the best slab table collection. We have a history of success and we always love to keep it up with the emerging trend and needs of the people.

When it comes to the usage, our solid wood tables can be used easily at house, office, clubs, and restaurants. The best Pine wood in the world that we use in the manufacturing process of our furniture give a unique final shape to all the live edge wood slab tables. The natural touch is always something that you feel immediately when you see a wooden table classically finished into its final shape. We believe that natural feel is very important whenever it comes to the manufacturing of unique tables, be it about the manufacturing of Pine dining table, dining table, or even farm table.

Have a rustic console table for making an elegant look and it can be placed wherever in the home to attract people’s attention. Console tables are great in making the area look fresh and clean. These tables are made with multi-functional purposes as well. End up the home beautification by placing a rustic dining table properly. Like console tables, a dining table can be the best masterpiece every home should have. A dining table inspired by rustic design provides extraordinary ambiance and effect that truly catches the eye. If you want furniture that lasts up to many years these tables should solve up everything you need.

Imagine the fulfilling need when you come home after a hard day at work and you can afford to recline on your sofa as you wait for dinner to be served on the beautiful rustic dining table you just bought the other day. You still can’t believe your luck that helped you find this farmhouse table. You had been looking for something like this rustic wood dining table for so long and finally you were able to stumble on this one from our shop.


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