Try decorating your family room with Wooden desk organizer from EARTHCOLORS. We craft supreme wood tops with immaculate pure forest wood.

Have you thought about a rustic and refined, hand-crafted bit of art for your new desk? Have you thought about the message you send to your colleagues and business associates with a bit of furniture that is both functional and creates a statement of individuality? We have been a team of craftsmen who produce one-of-a kind pieces that mimic the power and synergy of nature. Let us become your personal design = team to generate the next desk or office meeting table. Partner with us once we select wood from the forest, and guide the wood through the creative process.

We call these pieces ‘live edge slabs’. They’ve been personally selected by the owner because of their strength, beauty and suitability. The slabs are then flattened and kiln-dried to get rid of any moisture and assure stability and strength for most generations. The wood is then sanded and sealed to reveal the sensuality and spirit of this wood slab. Your brand-new desk would be an heirloom that you as well as your family or business partners will treasure.

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