EARTHCOLORS knows protecting wooden table tops by heart. We understand how to safeguard the beautiful design motivated by the countryside landscape.

Well, we normally focus on to collect Pine wood that is firm and the best form of wood to manufacture furniture for interior designing. We cut the wood gently in different slab sizes to form the best wood slab dining table collection. The best combination always includes manufacturing table designs that are in demand and that are highly appreciated by the customers. Well, many consider square dining table; nonetheless, we would like to inform you that we are also working on to manufacture rustic round dining table collection in order to give those people a way to meet their dining room’s furniture need. You can always search for one of your preferred rustic dining room tables.

A rustic dining table can also fill a function in a work area or recreational space. The sophistication of the natural grain blends the transition between lived in and clean up seamlessly an d quickly.

Placing a farmhouse table in the dining room is not necessary and if the dining room is small, then a person can place the farm table in the kitchen with the chairs of small size. Rustic dining table can also be placed in the kitchen if the table of dull color is required there according to the cabinets and the slab present in the kitchen. The family members and the guests invited for enjoying dinner can sit in the kitchen which also minimizes the chances of the table damage as it is only used for dining if it is placed in the kitchen, its usage will be less. When a person places Pine wood table in the TV launch, then it is used frequently because it is not only used for the dining purpose but also by the kids for the playing.

We also have rustic round dining table perfect for your everyday dining settlement. Your rustic dining table is a little bit bigger than your kitchen table and this farmhouse dining table is truly good for your rustic dining area. You can opt for a small or large round table depends on the size of your dining space. The table is best with matching rustic chairs in natural wood color to enhance the rustic style in your dining room because a rustic wood trend is gaining popularity all over the world.

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