Shopping for Small wood desk? Opt for the phenomenal, and let EARTHCOLORS deliver our mother earth originality with its original form to kitchen area.

Have you contemplated a rustic and refined, hand-crafted little bit of art for the new desk? Have you contemplated the message you send out to your colleagues and business associates with an item of furniture this is certainly both functional and creates a statement of individuality? Our company is a group of craftsmen who produce one-of-a kind pieces that mimic the vitality and synergy of nature. Why don’t we end up being your personal design = team to produce your following desk or office meeting table. Partner with us even as we select wood through the forest, and guide the wood through the creative process.

Crafted from solid wood, these live edge dining tables, or desks and benches aren’t only eye-catching, but they’re also resistant towards the surrounding environment, lasting over a lifetime – exactly like an actual tree would, and it may even become a family group piece, that knows?

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