Get your favorite Wooden computer tables at EARTHCOLORS. Our ingenious wood carvers bring the charm of natural surroundings to each masterpiece.

When it comes to use a fine collection of wooden furniture, a live edge desk can never be skipped. Our live edge collection of desks range from the same variation but with different finished look. In our polishing phase, we try out to make the the majority of our products differentiate from others. For this reason; we attempt to maintain a unique turn to all our solid wood dining table collection.

In live edge specifically, we offer beautiful options for end tables, desks, and rustic dining table. The rustic touches offered by our wood tables and desks is not really matched in almost any other form or design. The look and feel of polished, finished bark and wood, a knot through the sides or center it’s- beautiful, and adds a feel to a room you will not find in many other options. Our handmade dining tables are an excellent centerpiece for entertaining and dining on, and brings together a room in unmatched ways.

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