EARTHCOLORS makes use of a living 72 in round dining table designs on its website, making your house find energy within the raw appeal of the material.

When it comes to selecting a wooden dining table as a part of the overall farmhouse decoration, it is incredibly important to know the designing concept you’ll need as well as the environment of your farmhouse. What is even more important is to know what sort of table, your farmhouse will look good with no matter whatsoever will be the scenario. That’s the reason; we have categorized our manufactured tables on the basis of the size of the farmhouses. In case, if you are having small-sized farmhouses, you can opt for our newly designed rustic dining room tables. These tables are especially designed for small and middle-sized farmhouses. Another best option would be to use a live edge dining table. Remember! All of our tables are especially designed with Pine wood. Pine is one of the most finest woods in the world to manufacture rustic dining table collections.

Shape: Another essential variable to consider before acquiring is the table extent. These are accessible in a mixed bag of shapes and sizes to suit diverse home stylistic layouts. There are rustic dining room tables: rectangular, square, oval-formed and round molding. The oval shape and rectangular shape tables are perfect to oblige a huge number of individuals. Round and square molded tables are suitable for little families.

You might be wondering how anybody can claim production of items that are unique in their individuality yet produced in bulk. Who can be better artisan than the Mother Nature? Yeah that is right; our products are derived directly from Mother Nature in such a way that the essence is preserved. For example our Pine wood dining table are made from the stem of high quality timber from Pine tree which is a well-known hardwood tree used in furniture making mainly because of the strength, resistance to insects as well as harsh climate and amazingly beautiful finish.

I consider Mother Nature to be an artist, and she needs to a platform to showcase her talents. What I usually try to do is show off her artistic skills through my dining table and dining table designs. I draw my prime inspiration from Mother Nature only. I simply adore the way she beautifies everything with their natural look only, without any special additions and enhancements. For example, matured wood develop artistic grains and knots over the years, some of which you can catch in my furniture designs.

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