Never run out of idea for decoration with EARTHCOLORS. We manufacture L shape desk wood with inclination towards the bold natural world charm.

If you have a rustic desk and you don’t like its look then take a cloth and place on it. The cloth must go with the design and the furniture of the room, so that it will look classy. Making your home look good effect the mood positively and give peace to the eyes. The setting of the house and its furniture must be perfect as it sets the overall mood for the day. Rustic dining room tables can be used for partying, enjoying and gossiping, but if you don’t have a place for a proper dining then you can put any other table instead of this one. There is absolutely no compulsion you need to put it away from house as it can certainly also be used inside or in the lawn.

We design furniture by revealing the miracle of nature and its particular beauty. Raw logs are accustomed to become the finished focal point of one’s business or office at home. This method is really as important as the look, production and creation of any piece we create. Your hand-crafted desk will contain all the knots, burls and grains; the imperfections that celebrate nature in an individually crafted piece. Every piece is unique. Every piece tells a unique story.

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