Each of EARTHCOLORS’ round wooden table tops comes in a color story that pays homage to the world’s natural wonders. Have yours custom-made today.

It is true that wood is expensive especially those of high quality. However, we have found a way to give you quality at an affordable price. There isn’t any denying that our custom dining tables are unique. However, you don’t have to be scared for the price. If you can tell us what you want and also the budget you have kept aside for it, we can help you get it at the price that you want. Note that that does not mean quality is going to be compromised. Definitely not! Quality must be preserved and now we know that. That’s the reason we would tweak your design and style a little bit to accomplish something that you can be happy with.

Rustic dining room tables are best for families who appreciate the beauty of rustic industrial design. Undoubtedly, all of us love it. This farm table is highly practical and convenient. Having a wooden piece like this in your home, will help you learn more its importance in everyday living. This farmhouse table has multifunctional purposes as well. People eat here; do private conversations, workstation, celebrations and so many more.

I create unique furniture designs according to my customers feel, taste and their love for nature. I have created several designs that can match your interior designs, and my exclusive dining table and also the dining table collection can certainly grab your attention. I believe that a dining table is not just a place that keeps the family and friends gather, but also it is the central point in the home. Also, the dining table is a kind of furniture that most people keep with them for a longer period that’s the reason I crafted the dining set strong, and a good size that can fit in most rooms. My products are artistic and natural and I also give them the rustic look by adding new and strong features.

Hand carved dining table is for the individuals who love to hunt and they also want to decorate their homes with all the hunting equipments, the table is perfect to enhance the decoration as it comes with the image of rhino which looks real. The cracks on the table are not its imperfection, but it is for the rhino to look like it is popping out of the table. If you like simple tables, but made up of innovative design and unique style can opt for rustic dining table because the color goes great with all the other furniture items placed in a room. Dining tables are also offered by me, which are made up of premium quality material and so are available in various shapes. Rustic dining table also looks good in a dining room, but the selection of the right size and style matters a lot. One unique thing about my tables is that they are made up of premium quality material, but available at reasonable rate that is less than the tables offered by other manufacturers. I don’t work like other tables suppliers and I also don’t charge for the creativity, all the tables with all the innovative designs and natural elements can be found at cheap rate, in order that a person with low budget can also get them to home.

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