Have immaculate solid wood dining table canada at EARTHCOLORS. We make custom solid wood effects with high country patterns and designs.

Those who contact us for buying any one of rustic dining tables or any other type of table from our company gets the benefit of choosing the legs of the table from our catalogue. We provide free rustic lighting to our customers which they can use for decorating their dining room or TV launch where they desire to place the table purchased from our company.

The rustic kitchen tables like farmhouse tables are great since it use pure woods as the primary materials that make the furniture definitely strong and its durability proven to have a longer life span than any other fancy tables out there. These tables are well built and formed into different shapes as well as sizes represented a real humbleness of its owner. These tables have been called as farmhouse table because this a unique furnishing that is farmer inspired. It provides you a beautiful table that will make your neighbor jealous of. This flat upper surface object can be horizontal in shape or circular in form.

Leaf dining table can also be an amazing choice of yours; it is flat surface table that is made up of 33 small pieces that are joined together for a great look. It has the shape of a leaf, being a nature lover I have designed it with natural wood giving it a unique shape. Glass river dining table is a rectangle table that I have made with a lot of effort, it’s a unique table that can be best for placing in drawing rooms and it can be used for different purpose like dining, serving the guests and study as well. Hand carved dining table is my love of all times which I have manufactured for the animals lovers and also the best thing about it is that when you look with attention it seems like that the rhino is popping out, more than a table it seems like a rhino is standing in front of you.

The homeowners feel stressed when they want to place a table in their TV launch that looks sophisticated, but they can’t purchase and place it because of the small children in the home have a solution as they can purchase a round wood dining table. The great thing about a farm table is that it is available in different designs and sizes by which a person can purchase the table that suits best with the other products placed in the room.

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