EARTHCOLORS values nature wonders all over the world. We express our feelings to frame round dining table with extension leaf that represent the wild nature.

To finish the appearance of this unique, rustic dining table, we incorporate different textures and materials into the table base or legs. We use a variety of woods and metals to complete your one-of-a-kind table. Giving you a personal statement piece that bridges form and functionality.

If you want to put some solid wood dining tables in your home then you create an amazing character in your dwelling place. We also have completely man-made fixture with polished rustic color to complement your rustic home design. The smooth and clean finishing can give out entirely new look. These tables can be adjusted with no trouble. These tables can also be customized for your fully complete satisfaction. You can choose your own color, design, and finishes you want. When it comes to your dining table, nothing makes more beautiful than choosing only those wooden ones.

There are many types of tables present in the stores in which rustic dining table is the best one because it looks nice due to its color. Nevertheless, if any person wants to color the table for the kid’s room, then he/she can opt for a solid wood dining table. It is perfect for the purchase because one can change its color by painting it as many times as he wants because the children loves to change the look of their room after every short period of time. They can be painted in any color and anytime, so there is a great choice of painting them every time when the walls are painted with different color. For making the room of the kids attractive, the walls and also the table can be painted with the best color combination and will depend on the ideas of the person.

Extraordinary craftsmanship comes from the careful touch of our master artisans who are dedicated themselves to perfecting old techniques. Our handmade rustic dining table is carefully made, precisely crafted, and appropriately built. The materials used are fitting for the inspection and fit for our ecosystem. The lines, forms, design, and edges of the tables are true to perception and accurate. Furniture that is being handcrafted and has produced all naturally is the biggest trend right now.

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