Wow your visitors with steel and wood table from EARTHCOLORS. We craft lively natural color tables with original wood lines on each masterpiece.

Whatever you go for, just keep yourself comfortable with the services that we provide along with the purchase. Yes, it is true. We provide two free of cost services whenever you purchase a table of your choice. One is that offer modification of legs for your selected table. If you are not happy with your selected solid wood dining table or dining table, we can provide a catalogue and you can select the legs of your choice. Secondly, we also offer 1 free rustic lighting of any kind and you can choose that too from a separate catalogue, as well.

A wood has a natural charm that makes every wooden table shine. If you consider the significance of rustic wood tables will really make home dramatic. These cozy wood dining tables in rustic style bring a taste of extraordinary uniqueness into your own home. The tables are made up of the finest materials fresh from the forest to provide you simple but the best furnishings. The atmosphere of the room needs to be moody and relaxing to always create good vibes; these rustic tables can be the answer to all your dull dining room problems.

If the homeowner is more interested in purchasing the furniture made up of wood material, then wood dining table is the perfect selection as it can also be painted as many times as a person wants to change its look. If one wants to alter the setting of any room in which he/she has placed the wood dining table, then there is a great option of purchasing paint and applying on it. It not only saves the money of the person, but also the time, which is wasted if he/she goes to the market for the selection and purchase. Being a progressive handmade interior designing firm, we believe to manufacture quality handmade tables for you.

Hand carved dining table is for the individuals who love to hunt and they also like to decorate their homes with the hunting equipments, the table is perfect to enhance the decoration as it comes with the image of rhino which looks real. The cracks on the table are not its imperfection, but it is for the rhino to look like it is popping out of the table. For those who like simple tables, but made up of innovative design and unique style can go for rustic dining table as the color goes great with the other furniture items placed in a room. Dining tables are also offered by me, which are made up of premium quality material and are available in various shapes. Rustic dining table also looks good in a dining room, but the selection of the right size and style matters a lot. One unique thing about my tables is that they are made up of premium quality material, but available at reasonable rate that is less than the tables offered by other manufacturers. I don’t work like other tables suppliers and I also don’t charge for the creativity, all the tables with the innovative designs and natural elements are offered at cheap rate, so that a person with low budget can also get them to home.

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