Request for 72 in round table at EARTHCOLORS. We produce top quality kitchen furnishings that display rustic farmland scenery on every piece.

Our rustic wood dining table is composed of different wood features, methods and wood patterns like walnut, burl, maple and Pine to add extraordinary beauty and uniqueness to your dining time every now and then. Having these exotic woods can be quite effective in making the piece even more special.

The rustic dining table is influenced by the beauty of the nature. To make the designs unique the natural design for the wood is used and polished in order to make it smooth and harmless.

It is to bring in your kind notice that we select the best Pine wood from our selected forests. This wood is hard and able to absorb any sort of pressure. For this reason most of our manufactured tables are unique dining room tables. Many people believe that the imperfections left on the farm table are sort of incomplete work. However, we believe that these imperfections are in fact the representation of natural look and shape. On the other hand, there is always room for modifications in custom made dining tables. The best advantage that you could have in custom tables is that you can easily direct our team members to modify the table as per your need. If you need the length, width, or even the height as per your need, that can be done easily. All you need is to give us time for making these alterations for you. For that reason, keep the time for modifications in your mind when you can be found in order to request for a modification.

Extraordinary craftsmanship comes from the careful touch of our master artisans who are dedicated themselves to perfecting old techniques. Our handmade rustic dining table is carefully made, precisely crafted, and appropriately built. The materials used are fitting for the inspection and fit for our ecosystem. The lines, forms, design, and edges for the tables are true to perception and accurate. Furniture that is being handcrafted and has produced all naturally is the biggest trend right now.

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