Enjoy a round dining table 60 inch of good aesthetic value at EARTHCOLORS. We reproduce the scenes and movement of nature through 4 seasons towards the table pattern.

We are the people who have the passion for providing you the best and reliable product ever. And passion is what we work for. Every piece either a single long rustic dining table or numerous farmhouse tables are made while keeping in consideration about the quality of each material used to bring out the final product.

Shape: Another essential variable to consider before acquiring is the table extent. These are accessible in a mixed bag of shapes and sizes to suit diverse home stylistic layouts. There are rustic dining room tables: rectangular, square, oval-formed and round molding. The oval shape and rectangular shape tables are perfect to oblige a huge number of individuals. Round and square molded tables are suitable for little families.

We believe in quality over quantity and that is the only success of our happy clients until now. We have developed a team of professional designers, artisans, theme makers, and finishers. You would get happy to know that we not only deal in farm table but also manufacture handmade vintage and antique designs. That is what makes us even more special in the market of furniture and handmade interior designing. As far as our designing and imagination is concerned, we are in view that nature has copious gifts for us and we believe the same. Most of our farmhouse table designs are made up of wood. We prefer handmade Pine dining table collection in order to give the best, most firm, and stable furniture for your future use.

Enjoying dining in your favorite weather and with your favorite companion is a great moment for anyone. What if this moment is accompanied with something that is also made up of nature, as well? We try to make your moments some of the unforgettable memories that you want to share with nature. There comes a time in one’s life, when natural things grab more attention as compared to all other artificial and modern things. We always try to make your dining and dining experience more better than ever before. This is one of the top reasons for our newly designed wood slab dining table, rustic dining table, and rustic dining table designs. With the flavor of nature and garnishing of arts, you would not only get a single piece of wood but a natural masterpiece of arts that you would appreciate a lot. If you are planning for a large get together, we also offer wide range of large dining tables that are unique and contain natural wooden pieces that processed under the supervision of highly professional team of artisans.

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