Get contemporary wooden kitchen prep table at EARTHCOLORS. We make up-to-date kitchen furnishings with the style motivated by nature’s own stories

Sometime giving a new and a refreshing look to the home is necessary and for that the best you can do is change your furniture, place wooden dining table in the dinning room and enjoy a place where you can sit, eat and enjoy. Dining tables are of many types like rustic dining table and wooden dining tables, of course it depends on your choice what you want to go for. When you need a perfect home then having every inch of your home perfect is necessary, even the tables should also be placed at the perfect area. If you do not like a traditional look as it seems boring to you, then try placing farmhouse table in your drawing room or your kitchen. Tables have different colors, the most common one is rust color and dining tables are also available in it. Rustic tables are available in different color tones like the old brown tables; they are reddish type and are too eye catching that it can make your room look even more attractive than it actually is.

When it comes to the usage, our solid wood tables can be used easily at house, office, clubs, and restaurants. The best Pine wood in the world that we use in the manufacturing process of our furniture give a unique final shape to all the live edge wood slab tables. The natural touch is always something that you feel immediately when you see a wooden table classically finished into its final shape. We believe that natural feel is very important whenever it comes to the manufacturing of unique tables, be it about the manufacturing of Pine dining table, dining table, or even farm table.

With our original and unique farmhouse table and rustic dining table, you can spice up the decor inside your kitchen altogether without having to go to extreme lengths or spending all the big bucks. Depending on your demands, we have farm table with a variety in range of shape, size and designs. For instance, we have large and longitudinal farmhouse dining table that you can situate in the centre your exposed kitchen or dining room in case you have a big family or you have people over at your house. We also have small, circular rustic dining table that you can place in one corner of your kitchen, either as a decorative item to hold, say, a jar filled with beautiful flowers that make you happy, or you can even have some utilitarian purpose served with them, for instance as a stand to place things like your china on.

We started with the aim of making something extra and special whom the people will love and would always long for since we knew that an organization only who works with the basic principle of keeping the commoners as the focus of their work can make their stance in the market. The wood industry was and is blessed with some fine artists from round the world working on the making of different products like rustic dining table and the rustic dining tables.

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