When it comes to Round countertop height table, EARTHCOLORS has most gifted craftsmen. We instill the fresh and charm of the natural environment to the décor.

In live edge specifically, we offer beautiful options for end tables, desks, and rustic dining table. The rustic touches offered by our wood tables and desks is not really matched in almost any other form or design. The look and feel of polished, finished bark and wood, a knot through the sides or center it’s- beautiful, and adds a feel to a room you won’t find in many other options. Our handmade dining tables are a wonderful centerpiece for entertaining and dining on, and brings together a room in unmatched ways.

Comes the decision of shape of the solid wood dining table and it also is dependent upon the space that is free for the table because a square table occupies more space; but if the space is less, then one can opt for a round table or an oval one.

Live edge dining table is the classiest table; it has soft corners usually and has a fantastic look that provides the eyes with an attractive look. It can also be used as a dining table in your kitchen; if you don’t have enough space to put up a dining table, then take advantage of this and use it rather than a dining table. Farmhouse table is the hot spots for enjoying a meal outside the house, if you have a lawn its best to put the table there and enjoy some time of your day. You can enjoy your meal outside, but there is no compulsion to put it outside in a lawn as it can also be placed inside the home.

We started with all the aim of making something extra and special whom the people will love and would always long for since we knew that an organization only who works with the basic principle of keeping the commoners because the focus of their work can make their stance in the market. The wood industry was and is blessed with some fine artists from round the world working on the making of different products like rustic dining table and also the rustic dining tables.

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