Only EARTHCOLORS supplies Round wooden tables with etchings driven by Egyptian hieroglyphics. Obtain yours custom made now!

Our furniture is made to reveal the beauty of nature’s miracle. Each piece is crafted by hand. This method begins with selecting the right log. A live-edged board comes from a tree that will not be chosen for factory use and production. It is heavily gnarled wood is weaker than clean boards. It can easily be brought down by a powerful wind. It is considered generally unstable for the conditions in a factory setting. We use these natural flaws and celebrate their unique features. Our inspiration is kindled by these live edged boards. The natural imperfections within the board shape and natural wood grain are the initial inspiration for the piece. Our design team celebrates the uniqueness of the slabs. The furniture piece is revealed to our teams creative eye for creation and composition. This exquisite, hand-selected board will become your unique dining tables.

If you wish to put some solid wood dining tables in your home then you definitely create a fantastic character in your dwelling place. We also have completely man-made fixture with polished rustic color to complement your rustic home design. The smooth and clean finishing can give out entirely new look. These tables can be adjusted with no trouble. These tables may also be customized for your fully complete satisfaction. You are able to choose your own personal color, design, and finishes you need. When it comes to your dining table, nothing makes more beautiful than choosing only those wooden ones.

The beautiful rustic dining table and dining tables not only make your room look complete and beautiful, but also they make you happy and enjoy the nature more, as I design the furniture by enlightening the sensation of nature and its particular exquisiteness. If you are not convinced, then you can check my website where you can find the exclusive collections of round dining table, rustic dining table, and more. My goal is to bring nature into your home and bring the awareness among people about the importance of nature.

A wooden dining table positioned on one side in a dining room looks bad and makes the room look worse, a dining table is the most important thing when it comes to the setting of that room of the home since the guests are served there as well as the family unit members enjoy the meal in that room. So, the setting of that room ought to be paid the attention as well as the table ought to be purchased based on the shape of the room otherwise the wetting will give an unattractive look.

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